Company Profile

middle aged male industrial manager giving thumb upThank you for your interest in Nationwide Electrical Contractors Corporation!  Since 2001, NEC has strived to provide businesses worldwide with superior industrial and commercial electrical services.  Our wide range of services affords us the opportunity to work with businesses at every level from start to finish.  Areas of expertise include:


At NEC, our committed professional representatives provide comprehensive consultations, with a keen eye for increasing efficiencies in all areas of electrical contracting, extending beyond the field, into the think-tank of design, execution, and strategy.  From start-up projects to trouble shooting existing challenges, you can be confident in our proficient approach to each situation you face.

Licensing and Safety

Complex modern electrical systems require a highly qualified team of electricians who will ensure every projects integrity and success.  Each NEC skilled team member is fully committed to providing quality materials, expert workmanship and quick, safe, efficient services.  Your commercial electrical projects will be taken care of confidently by our expert, licensed electricians.

Project Management

NEC specializes in all commercial and industrial electrical applications and we have the proven experience and diligence to keep your projects on track and running smoothly.  Our professionals understand the profound importance of on-time, on-budget service provision.

Industry Standard

You want safety.  You want value.  You want industry-leading knowledge, techniques and a reputation of integrity.  You will find Nationwide Electrical Contractors serve to take care of all of your industrial and commercial electrical challenges.

Raising the bar in industry standards is a practice that NEC professionals take seriously.  From our friendly, caring customer service staff to our expert field electricians, our entire team genuinely cares about creating optimal results for your business.  You can trust our reputation of longevity and professionalism and be sure that you are receiving the excellent quality and value in electrical services that you deserve.